Ben Hayes

10427 Aquila Ave S
Bloomington, MN 55438
bkhayes (at)
alumni (dot)
iastate (dot) edu


Bachelor of Fine Arts
in Graphic Design
Iowa State University [Dec 2013]


Sublime Text
Litmus Testing
Google Analytics
Oracle Eloqua
Microsoft Office




Computer Building


Emerson Process Management, Shakopee MN
Web Design and Front-End Development [Contractor] September 2014 to Present

Collaborating with marketing, engineering and development to design and build website mockups and interactive prototypes for the Emerson Rosemount brand.

Designing landing pages, e-mail templates, and forms within Eloqua marketing automation system for Emerson Rosemount campaigns.

Creating a style guide for product iBooks. Using existing styles and iBooks as inspiration for the new style guide creation.

Performing usability testing to identify how users interact with web sites and e-mail campaigns. Increased open rates by improving calls to action.


The Oh Ball [], Bloomington MN
Freelance Web Design and Front-End Development
August 2013 to October 2013

Coded and developed a website for a single product called The Oh Ball, a foot massaging device.

Utilized existing web design and developed into HTML5 and CSS3.


Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, Ames IA
Web Design Intern, March 2013 to August 2013

Designed website mock-ups for clientele and used Drupal Content Management System, HTML5, to develop websites and templates.

Helped manage over 400 websites from one Drupal install.

Tested websites on multiple devices for cross-browser compatibility.

Designed and developed e-mail templates using HTML and CSS.

Tracked websites and e-mail usage via Google Analytics.


Meredith Corporation, Wood Magazine, Des Moines IA
Graphic Design Intern, June to August 2012

Utilized my design knowledge to produce magazine layouts, catalog designs, web advertisements and e-mail promotions.

Designed and developed e-mails using HTML and CSS.

Edited and designed magazine spreads that were published in November and October issues of 2012 Wood Magazine.


User Experience Lab at Iowa State University, Ames IA
Graphic Design Intern, June to August 2010

Created presentation materials, diagrams, e-mail promotions booklets, training videos, and web banner.

Worked with staff of lab to create logo and identity system.

Designed and developed e-mails using HTML and CSS.



Design wire-frames, information architecture, and prototypes for websites, applications, and interactive media

Knowledge of responsive design and mobile first design practices

Proficiency in animating websites using CSS3 and jQuery

Self-motivated and constantly learning new and emerging web technologies

Expansive knowledge of Graphic Design and design principles

Strong typographic knowledge and visualization skills

Adheres to brand guidelines and can design within a style guide